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Before you buy, please read our specifications as it relates to bats for softball and baseball and associated age groups. 

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At the Crack of the Bat...

2013 Baseball Bat Specifications

No Specifications for T-Ball or 7-8

Ages 9-10
2-1/4 Barrel No Minus Rule
2-5/8 Barrel No Minus Rule
2-3/4 Barrel NOT Permitted

Ages 11-12
1-1/4 Barrel No Minus Rule
2-5/8 Barrel No More Than -11
2-3/4 Barrel NOT Permitted

Ages 13-13
Pony does have a BBCOR Rule for -3 Bats.
HAAA & Mon Yough requires a -5 or Below Rule.

Ages 15-18
High School Rules
2-5/8 Barrel Minus 3
Must Be Certified BBCOR.










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