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Board & Coaches

Next Meeting Info

Board & Coaches Meeting
Monday, February 12, 2018
8:00 pm
Suburban Community Church
Irwin, PA  15642

Updated: February 6, 2018

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Updated: July 21, 2017

Sponsor Highlights:

Sponsor of the Week

Larry Lint Floor & Wall Coveriing

We Lay Only The Best.


Please be sure to thank and where possible, patronize our sponsors. We could not grow without them.

Updated: March 5, 2014

Sponsorship Form

West Hempfield Athletic Association
41 Renaissance Dr.
Irwin, PA  15642

2012 Field Sign Sponsorship
3 ft. x 5 ft. Customized Banner
$150.00 per Season

Optional Yearly Website Advertisement
$50.00 per Season

All Sponsors get a Free Advertisement at the Night at the Races

Business Name _____________________    Contact # _________________________

Company Name _________________________________________________________

Sponsorship Selection      Sign ______________         Website _________________

Amount Paid ____________________   Check # ______________________
Make Check Payable to W.H.A.A.

Please E-Mail Logo to

Wording for Sign:  (The less verbiage, the clearer the sign will read from a distance).







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